Barbecue in Dublin!

Barbecue in Dublin!
 This year I spent my Easter in a kind of unusual way – we went for a barbecue ! My aunts friends have a huge terrace in Dublin where we spent the whole day and evening because the weather was that nice. For the barbecue I chose a simple outfit. Burgundy jeans,  a shirt and jacket for colder times of the day. The shoes were the only eyecatcher – golden glitter oxfords, that are one of my favorite shoes at the moment. Right now I’m back in Germany and I still have to do a lot for school. I’m just so lazy ! Have to find some motivation!

Have a nice weekend!










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  1. 13. April 2012 / 19:38

    LOVE the colour of these jeans. Your hair is amazing by the way, such a lovely colour and looks really soft. If I had brown hair, I'd want it to look like this! xx

  2. 13. April 2012 / 23:25

    oh danke für dein liebes kommentar :) ja klaro aus frankfurt :) kommst du auch aus frankfurt?
    ich find deine hose echt sau geil!

  3. 14. April 2012 / 00:13

    ah ist ja in der nähe :)
    ich hab ne sprachreise gemacht und war in einer gastfamilie in der nähe von london, aber das shopping in london gehörte natürlich dazu!

  4. 14. April 2012 / 14:27

    Oh dankeschön! :)
    Und du hast einen echt schönen Blog, der jetzt verfolgt wird.

    Liebe Grüße

  5. 15. April 2012 / 14:14

    Like the pictures, you remind me of a girl from my childhood.


  6. 15. April 2012 / 14:14

    dankesehr ! dein blog gefällt mir übrigens richtig gut ! :))

  7. 15. April 2012 / 14:15

    You look so pretty, cool shoes!:) I'm so jealous that you spend Easter in Dublin, because I really love that city. I was there few times and I also lived there for five months, so I miss that place so much. I hope I will go there soon:)


  8. 15. April 2012 / 14:15

    Hey, thanks for your sweet comment!
    You look great and You have a pretty interesting blog,I really like it and will subscribe too :)
    Have a great day!!!

  9. 15. April 2012 / 19:17

    Oh liebsten Dank,kann ich nur zurückgeben! hihi :)<3

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