Let’s get a bit personal!

I started my very first blog back in August 2006 when I moved from a little town in Poland to Germany. Sometimes I was overwhelmed by the new surrounding, people and school. The blog turned out to be my online rescue and helped me find myself in a city I didn’t know at all. It was a lot to take for a young teenage girl without any knowledge of the language nor culture. I was used to a simple life in a village where everybody knows each other, where I would go to church every Sunday at 11 and get ice cream later that day. Right now, 10 years later, I am 21 years old and couldn’t be more grateful for the move.


So, hi! I am Jessica (what a surprise, right?) and in this section of my blog you can learn things about me that Instagram or Facebook would never let you know.

I tried different things in life. From piano lessons, to gymnastics and swimming through to modelling and acting school. All of those things made me dream about the life I could have in future. In the end it never was the real deal. Ever since I stopped, the one thing I’ve missed all the time was writing a blog.

I started to blog again few year ago. Back in 2010 I had no equipment and no single clue about how a blog works.. That’s of course why my first try to rule the fashion blogger scene went belly-up. Since then, as far as I can remember I’ve been looking for inspiration everywhere. Other blogs, music, streets of coutnries I traveled to. It all made me find my style and somehow a piece of me.

April 2013 – random date for most of the people, except it’s your birthday, you got married or your boyfriend broke up with you.
For me it was the month I went online with “Saint Infinity”. Creating this blog I had no hopes or bigger aims. I just wanted to share a part of my life with other people. Clearly I thought it’s interesting somehow, and believe me, it is! (irony on) Of course I also wanted to show how awesome I am. If I could, I would date me!(irony off)

It is amazing how many doors are opening for me since I had my previous blog. I’ve never been dead keen on being famous, or getting free clothes or going to Fashion Weeks. I’ve never shown someone I am not on my blog. It has always been me. And it still is the real me, 100%, every day or better said every time I write a post. Last year I realized that I don’t identify myself with ‘Saint Infinity’ anymore. I grew up, I wasn’t the teenage girl anymore. I was (and am) a women. I know what I want and how I want it. Creating ‘Jessica Jersey’ I am very motivated to work hard. To get bigger and better. After all it is my thing, it is what I love to do and I am good at it.

There are still some things about me you don’t know. Like I love food. Really really love food. Especially Italian, Mexican and Polish. I could eat all day, every day. Sometimes I regret it, sometimes I don’t care at all. I love sleep as much as I love to stay awake until late night. I am crazy, I am totally insane. I always dance. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the street, in the bathroom or at the airport. Speaking of the airport – I am a travel addict by now. There is nothing better than exploring new places, people and cultures. It changes you and how you see the world. I love languages. At the moment I speak 5. I always was a very good student and loved school. I’m ironic, self-contradictory, clever and eager to learn about anything. I’m a big time daydreamer. I haven’t quite figure out yet if its a good or a bad thing. I am one brave girl. I never hesitate to speak out loud. Except it gets too emotional. Unfortunately I can’t get a word out if it comes to my feelings. I can write about it, but i can’t speak about it. If I could I would spend most of the time on the beach. Once a beach babe, always a beach babe. I’m addicted to sun. Last but not least – I am happy. I am very happy and thankful for the life I have and the life I create for myself.