Created in April 2016 ‘Jessica Jersey’ is a personal style and travel online diary based in Germany. The readers should be able to get an insight into a part of Jessicas private life as well as her personal fashion sense and trips around the world. To keep it more international, all articles are written in both English and German. The blog focuses on good quality pictures and half serious, half ironic texts, just as Jessica herself. Everyone visiting and reading the articles should feel like a friend getting a glimpse into a private diary dealing with all the good things in life like travels, fashion, food and lots of happiness. With some experience in blogging already, some of the articles from the old blog have been moved to this new website to offer even better view on the progress and growth of Jessica and the blog itself. The best is yet to come.

Right now the main goal is to expand, grow and get better. With the ideas and hard work we would like to motivate and inspire everyone to go after their dreams and create a life they love.